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Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks
Barefoot Shark Encounters operates Introductory Dives with Fiji Reef Sharks daily. You'll travel 20 minutes on a boat to Moia Reef where you'll encounter our resident population of friendly and inquisitive Reef Sharks. Our experienced & knowledgeable dive team will be with you the entire time, they'll guide you into this amazing underwater world.
Moia Reef 
Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks
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How does it work?
Our dive team will spend time with you introducing dive theory including how your body functions underwater. You'll be introduced to scuba diving equipment with explanations on how it all works. 
Following dive theory and introduction to your dive equipment, our dive team will assist you gear-up (put on dive equipment). Once fitted out our dive team will take you into shallow water for some practical training. Once basic dive competency is achieved you're ready for your Introductory Dive with Fiji Reef Sharks.
You'll travel to Moia Reef on a boat where you'll enter the water with our dive team. All you need to do is breathe, take in the awesome views and our dive team will handle the rest. It's that easy!
Yes! You’ll be provided with safety instructions from our experienced guides who’ve spent hundreds of hours getting to know our resident school of sharks. Our guides will be in the water with you the entire time and will closely monitor the sharks' behavior to ensure your safety.
Questions & Answers
Is it safe?
What type of sharks will I see?
There are two main species of Fiji sharks encountered, White Tip Reef Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks, both are common in the tropical warm waters of the South Pacific. Each species can grow to a length of just over 1.5 metres although under the water they appear 25% larger, a snorkelling face mask optical illusion.

White Tips are the dominant species and are by nature an inquisitive shark not frightened to check you out. Their Black Tip relatives are by contrast timid and will shy away if they feel threatened.
Black Tip Reef Shark
Carcharhinus melanopterus
White Tip Reef Shark
Triaenodon obesus
Length up to 1.8 metres
Length up to 1.6 metres
How many Fijian sharks will I see?
How do I join an Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks?
  • Book an Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks when staying at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort. 
There are 3 ways you can join an Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks:
  • Book a Barefoot Shark Encounters Island Resort Shark Dive Package inclusive of ferry transfers, accommodation and Fiji Shark Dives. Click on link or button below for pricing & details.
  • Book a Barefoot Shark Encounters Fiji Shark Dive Day Cruise departing Port Denarau, Nadi on a daily basis. Click on the link or button below for pricing & details.
Numbers vary but it is common to see between 6-12 reef sharks.
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